Who We Are

Deontea Ltd is a highly specialised firm providing tailored regulatory intelligence  and quality assurance solutions to the financial industry participants. We operate in the UK, EU and Switzerland. We  provide our services to, and collaborate with various industry players (Investment firms, Asset Managers, Credit Institutions, Payment services, Fund Companies, RegTech or FinTech Firms).

It was founded by ex-regulators & financial market specialists to respond to a pressing demand for dedicated skills and expert knowledge that today’s Big 4 and most law firms rarely possess since the sophistication of regulations, the complexity of financial markets and supervisory authorities’ expectations have considerably evolved.

Tick box approach is a thing of the past; only a bespoke & practical approach is the right answer to today’s rapidly changing regulatory environment & business landscape.


Deontea’s founders have worked over 25 years within the financial industry across Europe for renowned investment firms such as SG Warburg, Industrial Bank of Japan, Bear Stearns or Morgan Stanley. It allowed them to acquire an in-depth knowledge of debt and equities capital markets and structured financial products.

While one of the founders holds an MBA from University of San Francisco, he pursued his career after the financial markets as Director within the private wealth management sector for HSBC and Erste bank for HNW Clients and is focusing today on Deontea’s business development.

The other founder holds a Master degree in economics and a post-graduate diploma in Compliance Management. After leaving the financial markets, she held various positions as a Senior Compliance Executive (e.g. Pictet AM) before joining the Financial Conduct Authority.  She was instrumental, among others, in the drafting of numerous section of the Commission Delegated Regulation supplementing MiFID II and various L3 provisions such as ESMA Q&A on investors’ protection.

Deontea’s executive past experience at the FCA: Best execution and implementation challenges

Team of experts

Deontea philosophy is to seek excellence in all areas of its activities, therefore exclusively hiring specialists with ex-government / ex-regulators’ experience and advanced knowledge. Our team of experts have worked many years at the heart of the Bodies that shape the regulatory landscape in which our clients operates (FCA, ESMA, EC … etc.). It provides us with a unique perspective and insights on existing regulations but also on those to come as they are fully familiar with the policy making process and the way the regulators operate. Most have also worked numerous years for renowned investment firms where they have acquired a comprehensive understanding of firm’s operational frameworks. We believe that only rare individuals that have experienced both sides of the industry can provide appropriate answers to challenges faced by our clients.


DEONTEA is derived from the English word Deontology stemming from the Greek word deon“what to do, duty and from the suffix logy (logos) “study, science”. We want to help our clients to not only do the legal thing, but also the right thing. In today’s world investment firms have to go beyond the minimum regulatory requirements, they have to think their compliance and regulatory arrangements as tools to gain clients & market shares. Only those that manage to truly demonstrate that they handle clients assets with due care and diligence while fully complying with the regulatory framework will succeed. We seek to accompany Senior Management and Compliance staff in delivering those outcomes by providing government grade intelligence.



Today firms are global and operate in an integrated manner (e.g. single compliance manuals), often their services providers have still very local expertise. Many of our team members have worked in various European countries, have evolved within renowned financial institutions and are multi-language speakers. They have acquired unique expertise that allows Deontea Ltd to provide true cross-border services (e.g. Brexit Solutions) and not to rely on 3rd party advice from others firms in overseas jurisdictions. They are truly comfortable with the challenges raised by often diverging national regulatory requirements and obligations stemming from various Directives and/or Regulations.



Deontea is successfully partnering with various  companies, regulatory bodies and other recognised institutions. It allows their clients to access unique top of the range regulatory services. Among others:

  –    BDO Luxembourg/Paris

  –   House of Training Luxembourg

–   Wann Avocats Paris/Geneve

   –  Xcina Consulting a Shearwater Group Plc Company, UK

  – Deloitte Luxembourg