Our Thinking

DEONTEA is derived from the English word Deontology stemming from the Greek word deon “what to do, duty” and from the suffix logy (logos) “study, science”. In the professional environment Deontology is the set of rules or duties governing the conduct of members of a profession. The purpose is to govern the relationships between professionals within the same sector of activities as well as the relations between them and their clients or the public. Like the rule of law, deontological rules apply in the same way to all members of the group and in all situations. An authority is responsible for enforcing them and imposing penalties for derogations.  What matters is the conformity of the action to the rules, i.e. whether the action itself is right or wrong under a series of rules. We can help you navigate the complexity of the regulatory world and external challenges: our thinking is that our clients deserve:


Too often, advice or opinions provided are generic, and worst, do not give any answers, but only extremely well documented legal or regulatory analysis of applicable rules or requirements, leaving the firm even more confused than before. Another unintended consequence that cannot be disregarded is the time slippage firms have to face before being able to plan ahead and move forward. We think that our clients deserve answers: when we provide advice we give our clients practical answers to their questions. When asked what a provision means, we answer what it means for them, and how to factor it in their business strategy.


Today regulations are designed to seek specific outcomes: reproducing directives or handbook provisions within policies is a thing from the past. Regulators have highlighted numerous time that they expect firms to design and implement arrangements proportionate to their business models, while ensuring that the systems & controls are tailored to the actual risks they face. Deontea Ltd knows that often the firms are delivered with standard policies/procedures and processes developed to fit all type of organisations: one size fits all. We think that our client deserve solutions: when we provide policies/procedures, authorisation packages or any other stream of work, they are fully tailored to our clients’ needs and characteristics. We leverage on the existing to mitigate possible disruptions and provide solutions  implementable immediately. Deontea Ltd understands the principal challenges an organisation has to overcome where facing a new regulatory initiative or a fundamental change in the geopolitical landscape. While the first comment is often: Another one! Will it ever stop? Most organisations tend to quickly turn towards their legal & compliance teams to address the issue. Some are easy to solve other much more complex and have far reaching consequences on the firm business operations and future developments.

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