Difference In Our Approach

Different firms have different needs:  Deontea is a specialised boutique firm, thriving at precisely attending to those needs. It does not provide its clients with an off-the-shelf solution. Our size and resulting flexibility allow us to closely work with you to understand what are your needs and what you are seeking. In doing so, we provide you with truly appropriate solutions tailored to:
  • the nature, scale and complexity of your business;
  • the diversity of your operations, including geographical diversity;
  • the volume and size of your transactions; and
  • the degree of risk associated with each area of your operations.


Regulations are often difficult to understand. They may be misleading. They rarely provide for clear, directly applicable solutions. Deontea’s employees have numerous years of experience, gained working with regulators and  with financial organisations, including in front-office, which allows them to provide sound and concrete answers to not only what a specific requirement means, but more importantly what it means for YOU.


Understanding the regulatory framework and derived obligations is paramount in properly addressing regulatory risks and mitigating other risks (e.g. Operational, Financial, Reputational … etc.). Deontea is there to assist you in identifying those obligations, understanding the sought outcomes, and implementing adequate systems & controls to ensure that your business is protected. It provides you with appropriate assurance based on thorough analysis, backed by relevant legal references that will allow you to confidently operate and serve your clients.


Daily operations tend to overshadow the need to revisit arrangements put in place over time.  Many firms tend to rely on market practices and/or “this is the way we always did it, and it worked”. Deontea Ltd, as an external expert is ideally placed to provide you with a healthy challenge, and assist in ensuring that your arrangements, systems and controls are still fit for purpose and comply with the applicable regulatory frameworks.  By offering a truly bespoke support, it will assist in identifying gaps if any and will propose practical alternatives/solutions that are tailored to your business model.


Things change or, evolve, and it is often difficult to foresee or maintain an adequate level of challenge within an organisation. Starting to carry on a new regulated activity, or simply expanding an existing one, may be extremely challenging from a regulatory and operational point of view. Deontea Ltd shall be your partner in those new projects, while you concentrate on operational issues; we will provide you with adequate expertise and knowledge that will help you easily navigate through any new/existing regulatory initiatives, transforming those potential burdens into opportunities.


Our aim is not to provide generalist services but to help our clients to not only do the legal thing, but also the Right Thing. We do not compete with Big 4 or law firms. Deontea believes that the sophistication of today’s regulatory framework demands a different type of resources and approach if our clients are to achieve their objectives. If initially you wish to explore your options or need guidance on a specific topic, please do not hesitate to contact us.